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LEUKORRHEA is a common condition of Vaginal Discharge in Women of all ages mainly because of estrogen imbalance. But one should not ignore it as it can be yeast or bacterial infections in the vaginal area. If you are having white/yellow/green Discharge with or without foul odor, then it is not normal. Due to this abnormal discharge, you can also feel Cough, fever, and chills, itching in the genital area, Lower back or side back, or pain during sexual intercourse.

Women during pregnancy also face leucorrhea because of their body’s stepped-up production of estrogen; this production increases the flow of blood to the pelvic area and stimulates the body’s mucous production. For every Woman, if you are facing white discharge sufficient as to soil underclothes, discomfort or itching then you must get treatment.

Here, you do not need to be worried as Shraman Health Care has a great experience in Ayurvedic treatments and produced a  unique formula for LEUKORRHEA (WHITE DISCHARGE). Here, we provide two types of courses for LEUKORRHEA (WHITE DISCHARGE).

Our courses are defined as

Gold Course:

  • Takes 50 days to recover.
  • Includes a high-quality mixture of rare herbs which gives positive results
  • Safe and leaves zero side effect

Silver Course:

  • Takes 70 days to recover.
  • Includes a high-quality mixture of rare herbs which gives  positive results
  • Safe and leaves zero side effect

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