Refund Policy

Refund Policy is valid only for those customers who have

  • Taken medicine for not less than 30 days.
  • Opted for medicine of ‘Fat Loose’,Breast Enlargement, have to inform within the time span of 30 days about the recovery. On 31st day return policy scheme is not valid.**
  •  Taken medicine for problems like Sex Weakness, Early Discharge, Weight Gain have to inform within 10 days about the medicine. on 11th day cashback policy isn’t valid. **
  • Cashback policy is not valid for problems like Low Sperm Count, Penis Size not Increasing because these may take some time to cure. Patients can either get the changed medicine or medicine for another 15 days will be given after the completion of the course.**

**Patients informing within 10 days can either get the medication change or can get the money back.. But, in the refunded money charges of Rs.1000/- and courier charges will be deducted.

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