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Early discharge or Premature ejaculation can become a hindrance in enjoying a fulfilling sex life for both the partners. It involves the immediate discharge of the sperm when one goes into sexual intercourse which results in shamefulness in front of your partner. The main reasons of it are Tension, depression, Consumption of allopathic medicines, intake of drugs, sugar, childhood mistakes(masturbation), low pressure of blood in the penis which results into the lesser stability of the penis etc. All these factors result in a weakness of the nerves thereby resulting in the thinness of the sperm and lesser energy in retaining the sperm within it. If you are suffering from this problem you need to get into regular medication as in future this problem may increase and you will fail in satisfying your partner. Then, What is the fun of earning so hard when you are not able to satisfy your partner? A woman can be satisfied only by sex and not money. So, look into the matter seriously and don’t hesitate in sharing this problem with us. From our last 60 years experience, we have found an unique formula to make you able to get rid of this problem. We believe in giving natural treatment which involves Gold- Siver ashes, Shwetavar, Musilli, Baikonur, Shilajeet,  Shalavdana, Ashwagandha etc. These do not have any side effects as they are purely ayurvedic.

Our courses are defined as

Honeymoon Course:  This course is especially for newlyweds.

  • Takes 1 month to recover.
  • Includes diamond herbs and other herbs of superlative quality.
  • Safe and leaves zero side effects.

Gold Course: You will see the result after the first dose.

  • Takes 2 months to recover.
  • Includes a high-quality mixture of rare herbs which gives positive results.
  • Safe and leaves zero side effect.

Silver Course: You will see the result in 4-5 days.

  • Takes 3 months to recover.
  • Includes a high-quality mixture of rare herbs which gives positive results
  • Safe and leaves zero side effect

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